Episode 35 – Take This Job And Love It

Staying Creative While Holding Down A Day Job

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

As Ginger prepares for her first day of her new job at the library, we talk about maintaining your creativity while holding down a day job. It might seem daunting at first, but there are ways, dude, and we want you to know. Also, If you have a full-time job and you just don't think you have the time for a creative practice, guess again. You just have to ask yourself one crucial question. And lastly, if you're on the fence about listening to this episode, let us entice you with the mysteries of oyster metaphors. It'll be fun!


  1. How To Balance Full-Time Work With Creative Projects, by Jeffrey Silverstein at The Creative Independent
  2. Practical advice on managing a creative practice while working over at Medium: How to Pursue Your Creative Calling While Working Full-time by Bernadette Cay
  3. On Writing (with a Day Job), by Richard Mirabella at Catapult