Episode 25 – The Role Of Curiosity In Creating

Rediscover your creative sweet spot by asking the right questions

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

When the winds of excitement have turned into the doldrums of disinterest, how do you revive that initial spark that got you pumped about the project in the first place? In this episode we discuss ways to keep the stoke alive in your creative practice by being curious about, well, just about anything from asking why the work of an artist you admire causes despair instead of inspiration to why don't I like what I'm working on? Being curious not only about your creative practice and your current project, but also about the world in general is a great panacea to get you back on track and crreating.


  1. Embrace The Shake TED Talk
  2. Starship Sofa Interview with Jack Vance (around minute 24 you can hear Jack talk about how he "ran out of gas" and lost interest in writing science fiction. A minute or two later he talks about how he's a bit of a musician now, playing jazz coronet.
  3. Jon Stewart interviews Brian Grazer, producer and author of A Curious Mind: The Secret To A Bigger Life.