Episode 44 – Focus On The Good Stuff

Finding power in everyday wins to keep your creative practice properly fueled

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

In this episode we talk about focusing on the little victories to keep us going and keep the fires of begeisterung stoked. Too often we focus on the barriers to creating what we want, whether it be lack of time, immature craft, jealousy or a rug that needs a good vacuuming. Dump the negativity and seek out those little wins. This includes anything from trying or learning something new, completing a thing, reading something that inspires and so much more. Ginger talks about how liberating not showing her current work to anyone for seven months, which is unheard of. While Jonathan explores moving beyond intuition in character development in favor of employing new tools. This episodes got a lot packed into a short time, so listen closely and maybe you'll find something to help you find a treasure trove of things to cheer about.

Links: The Art of Character, by David Corbett Terra Ignota Series, by Ada Palmer Writing Excuses podcast

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