Episode 34 – Journaling, or Diary of A Madman

The perfect companion to keep your creative practice from going off the rails

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

Sometimes the answer to a question about, or a solution to, a creative conundrum lies within ourselves, we just need a way to get it out. Enter journaling. In this episode we talk a bit about our very different approaches to journaling and others that are out there. We also talk about the benefits of journaling ranging from the mental to the spiritual to the physical. We also take a side trip to the land of rainbow pens and Mork & Mindy t-shirts. Come aboard! We're expecting you.

Links: Daybook: The Journal of An Artist, Anne Truitt To Spring From The Hand, YouTube channel about Paulus Berensohn Leuchtterm Notebook, Composition - B5 Uni Ball Vision Pen .7mm