Episode 21 – Patience And The Creative Practice

Metaphor your way toward creative longevity

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

This week we talk about the role of patience (non-GNR edition) in an enduring creative practice. We dig into the beauty of enjoying the ride, challenging those pesky narratives, and a willingness to slow down and be okay with what you perceive as your creative shortcomings. We all think we want to be great at our chosen creative outlet (or outlets) right away, but as the old cruise line ads used to say, "Getting there is half the fun." So put your seat back, grab the beverage of your choice and settle in for 27 minutes of luxury.

Links: A Willingness to be Bad, blog post by Austin Kleon Trust the Process, by Shaun McNiff BONUS Link! Episode 126 of The Working Songwriter podcast, hosted by Joe Pug. Just a fantastic episode with Joe and Rhett Miller, two amazing musicians talking creativity, music, and life. Stay with it long enough and it'll mash your ol' feel button.