Episode 43 – Creative Weekend Recap

Consider making your own creative workshop by changing the scenery

1 year ago

Episode Notes:

This past weekend we left our home for a modest cabin in the woods for a couple of days dedicated to creativity. It's not about productivity so much as it's about having the permission to ignore everything else and dig into those things that fill the soul, such as reading, playing music, journaling or just staring at the fire with a mug of hot coffee in your hand. Oh, and s'mores. Lots of s'mores. Clearly we think this is a good idea. And we hope you consider it for yourself, if you don't already.


  1. Draft No. 4, piece by John McPhee in the New Yorker
  2. Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process, by John McPhee
  3. Pity the Reader: How Kurt Vonnegut Made Me A Better Writer, Michelle Boring, Chatham University Blog
  4. A Review of Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne McConnell’s “Pity the Reader”, Zachary Houle, Medium

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