Episode 17 – The Messy Reality of a Creative Practice

creative practice = (déjà vu x Groundhog Day) + Middlegame

1 year ago

Episode Notes

Lest you think your creative practice will or should be a linear progression to mastery and achievement, we pull back the veil on some of our current experiences in our creative practices that really drive home the notion (you'll see what we did there when you listen) that creating is indeed a practice. Like most things we practice, we must constantly re-evaluate and return to those things that inspired us to create in the first place, but we must also see those things with new eyes (but not the kind you get on the black market).

Links: A tingle in the scalp, Austin Kleon Writing and the art of surrender, Nathan Bransford Interview with visual artist Kerry St. Laurent from The Creative Independent - the interview digs into a number of things here and is a pretty good example of the messiness of a creative practice.